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Angela Bagley - Juggling Boudoir With Your Full Time Career

In this episode of The Photography Podcast With Mike Cassidy we meet long time boudoir and portrait photographer Angela Bagley of After Dark Boudoir.

In her own words...

"I started with a genuine love for photographs, old black and whites I would find at my grandma’s etc but my kids sparked the love for making photographs and the lack of skilled local photographers were showing in the products I was paying good money for!! I bought my first “Good” camera in 2007 when I graduated nursing school and that's where it all began.."

In addition to her boudoir photography business, she also has a full time nursing career.  This episode covers a lot of ground from Angela's beginnings shooting school portraits to her transition to her real passion of boudoir-- all the while taking steps to manage her career along side her passion of photography. 


 Topics discussed in this episode:

  • What's going on with Instagram?
  • Instagram for local results.
  • Is Instagram's reach falling?
  • Hashtags for boudoir photographers.
  • Is a Facebook Page still worth it?
  • The current state of school photography.
  • Shooting boudoir in private homes.
  • Easing a client into a session.
  • Balancing boudoir and a full time career.
  • Getting clients to allow use of photos as samples.
  • Using models to practice boudoir.
  • Using your client email list to grow sample sessions.
  • Building your advertising-- and building brand awareness.


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Faby and Carlo - Photographing Boudoir With Purpose.

In this episode of The Photography Podcast With Mike Cassidy we hear from long time boudoir and womens photographers Fabiana and Carlo Nicora, perhaps better known as the London based boudoir team of Faby and Carlo

In their own words...

"Faby is a tomboy with a feminine soul. Faby is a woman, an idealist, a photographer, a beauty lover and a mum. Creative and messy, she sees beauty everywhere and is quite stubborn (it runs in the family!). Constantly battling with her curly hair and with the mirror, she decided that she wants to give women their confidence back. With her pictures and much much more. Carlo is a geek with a gentle soul. Decisive and opinionated, he balances his strength as a leader with his almost feminine sensitivity. He loves computer, coffee and definitively challenges. He is doer. He organises Faby and her creative mess. He always battles with his hair and does not want to sleep. Ever. Carlo is able to capture in his pictures people’s souls and their stories like nobody else. We started 12 years ago and we never looked back. Photography is our passion. We believe that boudoir photography empowers women. Removing clothes allows women's vulnerability to shine through in all its authentic beauty for them to see, cherish and embrace. For us Boudoir is a path to self confidence."

Faby and Carlo are rare photographers that understand that boudoir photography is much more than just a camera and a website.   

This episode really covers a lot of ground, from their beginnings and inspiration, to how boudoir mastering boudoir photography turns it into a deeper experience for all who are involved.


 Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Photography inspired from your environment.
  • Making clients feel safe, and not judged... will allow clients to be themselves.
  • Boudoir is much more than a camera and a website.
  • First steps in learning wedding photography.
  • The shift of the boudoir client-- they want this for themselves.
  • Photographing women as they get older.
  • Building vendor relationships.
  • Screening your ideal client.
  • Environment is important.
  • Have the limits of boudoir changed?
  • Couples boudoir.
  • Pushing new boundaries.


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Quianna Sanchez - More Than Just A Photo…Create An Experience

What's better than a photography session? How about creating an entire experience for your clients.  My guest in this episode is Quianna Marie Sanchez of Quianna Marie Photography in Scottsdale, Arizona. Quianna has been a photographer for over ten years, with almost five of that as a full time pro.

Quianna is not only a photographer, she is also an educator who is full stories, experiences and encouragement to help turn your photography passion into your profession.   

In this episode we cover a lot of ground beginning with the start of her photography career to her budding wedding business, and how that lead to boudoir, engagement clients and more!   She explains how the core of her business is taking a photography session, and turning it into an experience for her clients, which keeps them coming back.

Quianna is a hands-on educator who teaching aspiring photographers how to turn their passion into their professions.    


Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Turning passions into profits without losing sight of why you started.
  • Should you specialize in just one type of photography?
  • Quianna's start in wedding photography.
  • First steps in learning wedding photography.
  • When having fun shootings weddings turns into a business.
  • How to get more clients on your wedding calendar.
  • Building vendor relationships.
  • Working alongside the competition.
  • Dealing with haggling brides.
  • What separates upscale wedding photographers from the rest of the pack.
  • Boudoir privacy.
  • Focusing on privacy over profits.
  • Long term image storage vs deleting.
  • Boudoir parties.
  • Using wedding venues to host boudoir events.
  • Bringing brides together at boudoir events.
  • Tips to fill your boudoir mini sessions.
  • Education - turning your passion into your profession.
  • real life.
  • The right way to educate.
  • Can being a mentor hurt your own business?


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The Rising Tide Society



Where To Find Quianna Sanchez:

Quianna Marie Photography

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Trevor Sherwin - Where Are The Male Boudoir Photographers?

Is it possible to succeed as a male boudoir photographer? My guest in this episode is Trevor Sherwin of Provocateur Images in Toronto, Canada. Trevor has been a professional boudoir photographer for eight years, and been involved in the business of photographer for even longer.

Male boudoir photographers are a bit rare. In this episode we discuss what its like to be a male boudoir photographer and if there are any advantages or disadvantages.  We also discuss character & personality traits necessary to grow your business.  

This episode wasn't laser focused on a specific topic, but rather a bit of a broad conversation that covers everything from video marketing to topics around being a male boudoir photographer to the intricacies of couples boudoir. Trevor is exacting at this business approach, as well as being an accomplished portrait artist who is genuinely looking to improve lives via his talents. 


Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Using video for marketing.
  • Spark Camera app for iPhone.
  • Blasting "unproduced" videos to Facebook/Youtube.  Why everyone needs to do this.
  • Connecting with clients via video.
  • The power of boudoir photography.
  • Video consultations with clients.
  • The male boudoir "gap."
  • Differences in glamour photography vs boudoir photography.
  • Is it tougher for male boudoir photographers?
  • Managing a boudoir session and keeping everything upbeat.
  • Advantages of the male point of view.
  • Pushing the limits toward erotic boudoir... how far should you go.
  • Preparing for surprises.
  • Couples boudoir sessions.
  • Creating your boudoir studio.


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Spark Camera



Where To Find Trevor Sherwin:

Provocateur Images

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